Our brief guide to identifying popular SoCal home styles. Now you can compliment your neighbors on their wonderful Craftsman abode.

6 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

The home renovation process can be a lot, and if not careful, it can take far more than you bargained for. Here is what to avoid in your next project.


Walls are more than just a room divider or protectorate of the outside elements. They are a canvas for self-expression. Here are some easy tips to do just that!

The Guest-Friendly Bathroom

One of the first questions a guest will ask you is where the bathroom is. Despite the opportunity, not many people realize the guest bathroom is a great way to make an impression. Here are our best tips that will make it a great one.

Avoiding the Contracting Scams

In an ideal world, what you see is what you should get. That’s not always the case, especially when hiring a contractor for your next home project. To give yourself some piece of mind, here are a few ways you’re scammed out of your valuable time, money, and patience.

How Do I Pick The Right Contractor?

So, you know it’s time to get that renovation project going. You’ve googled and you think you have found the right contractor for the job…but, you not yet 100% sure it’s the right call. We’ve got a few questions you will want to ask every contractor when interviewing for your next home project.