Avoiding the Contracting Scams

If you’re like 70% of homeowners during the pandemic, who have taken on renovations in their homes, you might have your own preferences when it comes to contractors. But how can you know a company or a contractor might be scamming you before you lose time, money, and patience with the process? We’ve come up with a few ways to save yourself the headache:

  • Ask for references. While it’s nice to know your neighbors’ local contractors, sometimes they don’t have any either. So research your local contractors online, use apps like Angi or Yelp to see reviews from clients who have had work done by the contractor or company. On top of your own research, ask for references from the contractor to represent their work. If they’re able to provide these it can show how they treat their clients and you can ask specific questions about their process.
  • Exercise caution and use your best judgment. We’re all about getting a deal when possible and sometimes your budget might need to be larger for your project. Especially when you want to get a project done immediately, don’t take the lowest bid immediately. If a contractor or company is offering “incredibly low rates” consider the quality of their work to avoid a renovation that costs you more in the long term to fix their mistakes.
  • Ask about their licenses. Between making sure they’re up to date and in line with state requirements, making sure your contractor has the proper licenses to complete what you’re asking them to do in your home. On top of these licenses, having insurance for their company and work can save you from paying for large costs if there’s a mishap on the job.
  • When the contract is written up, make sure it’s specific. Your contract should include all necessary and relevant details of what work is going to be done in your home. The total description of the work should be included along with total cost and a second copy should be made for your records and insurance records.

Whatever your reason for considering installing a pocket door, it could be a central piece to tie any room together. Whether it’s to help get in more natural light for that boost in the morning that we all need, or an accent piece to your dining room for an intimate night in, the versatility and creativity are at your fingertips. So do a little research, see what’s right for you, and call us, your local contractors at California Sliding Door for a quote today!



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