Small Home Improvements That Make Big Differences

As we start walking through 2022, you probably have thought or are thinking “new year, new me.” This mantra is a valiant effort to make changes to better yourself through the month of January – but all too often that drive disappears going into February. But there are still ways you can better your environment this February: If your walls could talk, we bet they might also be yelling “new year, new me” – and making changes around your house to make your home feel like new (without a ton of effort) is absolutely possible. After a couple of years of pandemic-driven over familiarity, it might be time to make some changes. But you’re also not really at a point where we want to hire a contractor to demolish and rebuild your kitchen into one of your dream ones that you have saved on Instagram or Pinterest. Here are some easier solutions to revamp your space and keep the “new year, new you” momentum rolling into February:

PAINT: Of course the first and obvious thought is to paint up your walls. Tried and true, a simple change of color is a great way to bring new life into any room of your house. In just a day or two and a couple coats of paint, your living room can feel like a totally different home. This isn’t limited to your walls either! Maybe there’s some cabinets or a table or doors that could do with a paint over?

WINDOW BOXES: A great way to add some interest and valuable curb appeal to your home is dressing up your bare window sills with window boxes. Fill it with seasonal blooms that will add a burst of color. Or if you’re looking to grow some small vegetables or herbs, it’ll be a handily in reach when place underneath the kitchen window. We also have some wonderful posts about gardening here and here!

CROWN MOULDING: It’s one of those details you might think is far more expensive than it actually is, and takes more time to put in than it actually does, because it’s one of those finer touches that can significantly add a little more extra value to the home. It adds a little bit of character as well as answering the thought of why your walls look a little weird (though that just may be the pandemic familiarity talking again). All it takes is some work with a handsaw and a freed-up Saturday to complete this project.

LIGHT FIXTURES: Light fixtures can also be a quick-and-easy way to change up the feel of a room. From a simple overhead to an opulent crystal chandelier, and all the thousand of others options in between, the light fixture of a room can quickly suggest the character of a space. As long as you have your electricity off and are careful, switching out your overhead lights is one the quickest options on our list to giving your home a little bit of a lift. Also, string and fairy lights are another great way to add enchantment to any space, whether it be a bedroom or a backyard. It is certainly one of the easier items on our list to incorporate.

SHELVING: Among the lessons learned in life such as “nothing good happens after 2 a.m.” and “always file your tax returns early”, one you are sure to run into…or maybe have already learned…is that you can never have enough shelving. There’s sure to be some items in your home that you find don’t have a home in your home. Plus, not only can shelving provide storage, but depending are your creativity, you can even design it to be a much needed focal point for your room. Making and putting up your own floating shelves is a great way to fill a need while also adding value to your home. This handy project can be as simple or ornate as you desire, from hanging thin planks to mounting reclaimed crate boxes.



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