Stuck in the tracks? Stubborn door? California Sliding Door can solve a number of sliding door and framing issues in a single visit!

We serve the Los Angeles area in sliding glass door repair for both residential and commercial spaces. California Sliding Door is committed to providing you with both our expert knowledge and swift service on all our jobs. We are experienced working with and repairing a variety of sliding door types, including: vinyl, aluminum, wood, mirrored, and pocket doors.

We guarantee once we have completed our job, your door will work like new so you can end the fight against stuck, rusty, or broken sliding doors.

Doors and Parts We Work With

  • Mirrored Closet Doors
  • Wood Closet Doors
  • Metal Doorframes
  • Pocket Doors
  • Aluminum Doorframes
  • Obsolete or Outdated Models
  • Rollers & Wheels
  • Locks, Handles, & Tracks
  • And More!

Common Sliding Door Problems We Can Fix

Frame Repairs

Repairing sliding door frames involves a systematic approach to ensure they function smoothly and remain durable. We will inspect and clean your door frames, and then evaluate if we need to adjust a misaligned frame or repair and replace any parts.

Handles & Locks

Having handles and locks on your sliding door is a great way to ensure an extra touch of security to your home or business.  We provide both repair and replacement services, so either way, you know you will have secure peace of mind.

Sliding Door Tracks

Sometimes tracks can get out of alignment or bent, preventing a smooth and secure pathway for your door. Also, age can wear down the track creating rusting and other blockages. We are able to make the repair and replacement you need to create a smooth line for your sliding door.

Sliding Door Rollers

If there’s an issue with the mobility of your sliding door, the answer can often be found in the roller. Rollers are susceptible to damage easily if not taken care of properly. We can help you clean, repair, and if need be, replace the rollers of your sliding door.

Sliding Door Tune-Ups

Over time, sliding doors can wear down and become more difficult to use. A professional tune-up can extend the lifespan of your sliding door, enhance its performance, and ensure it operates safely and smoothly, saving time and effort in the long run

Closet & Wardrobe Doors

Your closet doors are vital to a smooth running home! California Sliding Door is fully equipped and ready to help you with any of your mirrored or wood closet door needs whether your closet is off the tracks or needs new rollers, locks, or handles.

Pocket Doors

Over time, sliding doors can wear down and become more difficult to use. Apart from natural rust and decay from normal use, the Southern California heat can  causing warping and uneven weight distribution. That’s why regular tune-ups and maintenance are necessary.

For All Your Sliding Door Repair Needs

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