Over the past year or two, you have started to see your off-white living room walls more and more like a blank canvas. Sure, it’s nice and clean and a safe design choice, but like any good artist, you realize this space is a prime opportunity for a statement! What is it you want to say to your friends and family (and even yourself) when they enter the room? To help, we’ve come up with a few ways to incorporate color and what that choice helps express about you!

BE BOLD: Now, all of our ideas here are on the bold side, but in this item specifically, we mean going straight for a single bold color. Lime green. Bubblegum pink. Neon purple. Fire engine red. We are talking attention-pulling color! You can do a whole room like this, or choose a singular wall of an otherwise neutral room to highlight a specific segment. Or paint the whole room the same bold choice to highlight your already bright and eclectic furniture.

TAPE TO SHAPE: If you’re not exactly up for a bold color but are up for a bold design have you considered the underrated magic of tape? No, we don’t mean line your walls with tape and leave them there for eternity. As you set up to paint, you can block off sections of the walls into fun patterned designs that are sure to add some character to your room. The best part is, if you already kinda like the color of your existing wall, half the work is already done for you. Just find another color to compliment or contrast, and use that to fill in the taped-off areas. BAMM! New room in no time.

STICK ‘EM UP: Not feeling the hassle that comes with the weekend paint project? No worries. You can bring some much-needed change to your walls without having to do just that. Wall murals are a great way to bring character to your home. Now, you might be wondering if they involve the same commitment as say, their close relative wallpaper. Absolutely not! Some varieties are stick and peel, so if you’re not feeling the commitment, you can easily just change it out. Like wallpaper, they can come in abstract patterns or whole cloth images. 

If you have more ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section below!



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