Growing the Best Summer Garden

The warm weather in SoCal makes LA the perfect place to start a summer garden. Read our best tips for what to grow, and how.

Natural Insect Repellents Are In

Do you know the benefits of using natural insect repellents in your home and yard? Discover how to effectively repel insects without any harmful side effects, and how they can be made using simple ingredients.

Going Green in the Kitchen

Going green doesn’t have to be hard, especially for your kitchen. Check out our tips and suggestions for making your home an eco-friendly one.

A SoCal Home Garden: March Edition

Our year-long series on SoCal home gardening returns with a new entry! Get ready to learn which plants are your best bet for growing in your garden in March.

A SoCal Home Garden in January

Looking for a new hobby? Why not try gardening? It’s an efficient way to incorporate organic vegetables and fruit into your diet. Here are recommendations for ones that will grow best in the early part of the year.

The Amateur’s Guide to Going Green at Home

Going green is in (and, fyi, it always has been). If you want to be a part of the solution in minimizing the effect of climate change in our local environment, we have a few simple, easy ways you can help right now!

Going Green in Your Garden

Planting, composting, and mulching may seem like a lot of hard work, but the time and money they save you in the long term can be well worth the investment. With resources at your fingertips (and often already in your backyard) there’s no reason to not build or maintain your garden in a more sustainable […]

Drought Resistant and Money Saving Gardening

The heat and dryness that is experienced in California can make it hard for residents to maintain their own gardens. This gets difficult when there’s water shortages. We have some ideas to help you have a wonderful, easy-to-maintain garden that you will enjoy anytime of the year.

Spicing up Your Home & Dinners

Going green is (always was) in! In the midst of COVID, we’ve taken up a lot of different activities to make most of all these hours at home. Some of us started baking bread, others rewatching The Office for the eleventh time. Well, how about gardening? We’ve got some ideas of how to start and make the most of a hobby that you’re sure to reap the benefits of soon enough.