Drought Resistant and Money Saving Gardening

California is heating up again. And let’s face it, we love the look of well tended gardens of poppies, roses, and other gorgeous – but delicate – flowers, but it’s not always the easiest to maintain. If you’re like us, you may have accepted defeat and started looking for realistic alternatives. Between droughts and the two drops of rain we get in February, drought resistant options can be your best friend. Give a unique, modern, and environmentally friendly appearance to your yard and get a little down and dirty while doing it!

Succulents of different colors and sized are in pots on a dark table.

  • Let’s be honest, astroturf isn’t attractive. Luckily, you’re not out of luck. Try researching plants native to California that require minimal water year round. Take the stress out of gardening and paying your water-bill with succulents, shrubs, and more, the options are literally limitless!
  • Don’t let us fool you, maintenance is still required. Unless a desert-jungle appearance is your vibe, you will probably have to do minimal maintenance in trimming back shrubs, potting or repotting cacti, and adequately spacing plants. As with any kind of home improvement project, it’s necessary to plan and keep up with whatever you’re going to execute. 
  • A butterfly with white and purple stripes on its wings flies up to a stalk of lavender.Make eco-friendly, biodiverse changes while doing it. Going green, even if it’s to save money, can be helpful for the small ecosystem in your neighborhood or backyard! Way-stations, or spots where specific insects and bugs like butterflies can stop and rest, are just as aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain as any other plant you’re considering. It’s not necessarily inviting the whole neighborhood of butterflies or bees over, but you can help maintain local ecosystems and have a beautiful eco-friendly garden. If this sounds interesting to you, try researching varieties of lavender and lilies!
  • Don’t let the short-term work discourage you! Just as regular flowers require care and attention in their first year, your new drought resistant plants will as well. The first year of care is make or break for the life of any plant so set them up for success as early as possible.

We’re all moving in a greener direction, especially in a state that seems to get warmer every year. So take on a little bit of research, even look at the California State website for information about environmentally-friendly ways to tackle the front or backyard. Take advantage of our naturally beautiful climate, and save some money while doing it!



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