A SoCal Home Garden: March Edition

The wonderful thing about southern California’s climate is that you can start planting a garden at any time of the year. This month, we start the second edition of our (almost) monthly series on SoCal gardening. If you’re looking at starting a garden this month, we’ve got four plants that’ll be perfect to start you off.

LETTUCE: Lettuce is like the bread of the garden. Okay, weird idiom, but hear us out. Like bread, there almost always is a place for it at the kitchen table, whether it’s in a salad, in a salad, or as a wrap because you want to go protein style with a dish. Not to mention there’s also actual health benefits too! Take for instance that lettuce is actually a great way to stay hydrated; perfect for the coming summer months. You can learn more about the nutrition benefits of lettuce here.

TOMATOES: Do you know what’s going to go well with that salad you’re making with your garden lettuce? Tomatoes! A classic staple item found in and on salads, sandwiches, tacos, bagels, and not to mention the key ingredient in ketchup, salsa, and pico de gallo, tomatoes are certainly to quickly find use in your kitchen. I mean, with all those possibilities, it just makes too much sense to go for it and grow some. (Unless, of course, you’re allergic–which, valid, you probably should stay away from this one).

BEETS:  It’s not the most popular vegetable, but let’s change that! Beets have a number of impressive benefits for your body–keeping your blood pressure in check, fighting inflammation, as well possibly containing cancer fighting properties, among other attributes. With all of that, there’s little reason not to include them in your diet, not to mention your garden.


SUCCULENTS: These guys have been the aesthetic plant de choix for forever it seems and despite the fuzziness of our crystal balls, we are certain it will continue to be so indefinitely. So,  why not take the opportunity to plant them? They not only can add to the curb appeal of your home, but are also great indoor plants (should you make sure to give them in a place with proper lighting, of course). Grown succulent plants can cost ten bucks or more a piece. If you want to have your mini succulent jungle, it just makes too much sense to start growing your own.

If you are interested in growing these plants, click out these links to learn how to grow: lettuce, tomatoes, beets, and succulents.



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