Growing the Best Summer Garden

The warm weather in SoCal makes LA the perfect place to start a summer garden. Read our best tips for what to grow, and how.

Making the Kitchen Christmas Ready

Often the kitchen is described as being the heart of the home. It’s where we cook, make the coffee and conversation, let the bills gather, do the homework, pray to an appliance that its contents will change to ingredients we are craving. Without it, what would we do? We can only take out for so […]

(Guest) Home for the Holidays

Relatives visiting for the holidays? We have some ideas for you to implement to make them feel cared for during their stay

Caring for Your Christmas Tree

Keep your tree green and festive throughout the holiday season! Check out our tips for best practices and tree maintenance now.

Four Fall Films for the Family

Fall is a great time to curl up under a blanket, eat some popcorn, and take in a good movie with the family. Here are some of our top selections.


Every season has its own unique safety concerns. Check out tips today and help better ensure a safe fall for you and your family.


Sweets can come in all shapes, sizes, and scares, especially at Halloween. Check out some of our favorite spooky and delicious treats you can make right in your very own kitchen.


Greetings Foolish Mortals. Spooky season has crept upon us. Is your home ready for some spirited guests or is it as quiet as a graveyard chapel? Let us be your grim grinning guide to conjuring you a happily haunted home.