(Guest) Home for the Holidays

As a guest, you may expect your host to at least offer basic decency and hospitality as you enjoy your stay–like a freshly made bed, for instance. However, it’s the little details that can turn a visit from being just fine to something to bring up in conversation with nostalgic glee. Especially if it’s family or friends your hosting, the little details especially matter. It can be a signal of just how much you love and care for them. 

Likely the first question you’ll be asked—after, “where is the bathroom?”—is absolutely sure to be, “what’s your Wi-Fi password?” And unless you’re hosting a party of one and the only internet receiving device they brought is a phone, this is definitely going to be a question you’ll get multiple times. So, we recommend keeping an easy-to-read print out on the bedside in the guest room. Whether this is a laminated index card or a cute frame image, your guests will be delighted to have this easy go-to resource. 

While the Wi-Fi password may be the first question you’ll be asked, the first you may ask your guests is if they’d like a drink. Of course, be polite and still offer this, but we recommend making sure your guests have access to a supply of water, other than a guest bedroom sink. We suggest keeping a small supply of water bottles in your guest’s room.

It happens. You think you packed everything, but you open your suitcase and realize you forgot to pack one of your toiletries. For peace of mind, we recommend having a whole line up ready for your guests—shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, lotion, the works. Not only is this great in the event your guest(s) forgot something, but with TSA guidelines, there may only be so much your guest could bring. Having a bountiful supply will be a godsend, especially for extended visits. Bonus points if you know or can find out what brands they prefer.

While most phones do come with flashlights, it can be a bit of an inconvenience to turn it on when we need light our way for trip to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Not to mention, there’s the chance that phone isn’t charged. Having a flashlight on hand or night lights in the hall is sure to be a welcome gesture. Place it on their bedside table, dresser, or where it may be most easily accessible. Additionally, consider providing a nightlight that they can optionally plug in.

If you have multiple remote controls in the living room—for the television, the satellite, the cable box—it can be confusing for guests to operate. It is always helpful to have an easy to follow guide available nearby that identifies each remote as well functions that your guests will likely use.

These ideas are subtle, but effective gestures to let your guests know you truly care. The busyness of the holidays can make it easy to forget the smaller details, and these are ones you don’t want to overlook! So, before your guests arrive, go through our list (and check it twice 😉 ) and you’re sure to be ready to answer the usual prompts that come when receiving guests.

For more ideas for an inviting guest friendly home, be sure to revisit out previous blogs on the Guest-Friendly Bathroom and handicap accessibility.

Happy holidays from California Sliding Door!



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