How to Pick the Perfect Sliding Door

The doors you have in your home should pass all the tests in terms of security, quality, ease of use, and durability. While solid wood and metal doors on your front and back door are sturdy and can have bolt and chain locks that makes them secure, you want to make sure that the aesthetically pleasing doors in your house – sliding doors that let in natural light and fresh air – are also secure. When there are so many different sliding doors out there, it’s hard to know what to choose. Our recommendation? Aluminum, double-paned glass sliding doors. They’re secure, beautiful, and cost-efficient! Here are our reasons we recommend these doors:

1. Space Saver
Aluminum Sliding doors move from side to side instead of the standard door that takes up a ton of space just to be utilized. This way, you can ensure larger, more open-concept spaces while maintaining the style and security you want.

2. Energy Efficient
These double paned sliding doors are perfect for keeping heat and or cold inside from the harsh winters and summers. Not only that, but the doors being mostly glass, helps reduce artificial light by about 95%! You’re saving costs from every angle with these sliding doors!

3. Superior Strength
These aluminum sliding doors are known for their durability to the harsh elements of the outdoors. The durable metal paired with /just/ enough flex, proves these doors can withstand most intense weather advisories.

4. Durability
Aluminum is the most durable and flexible metal and are corrosion resistant hence can be installed even at higher humidity places. Perfect for coastal living! They do not break easily and can also help slow down the spread of house fires.

5. Reduces Condensation
Condensation can cause a slew of problems; Moistures can seep into homes and damage wood structures and cause mold in some cases. Having double paned glass helps prevent this. Each pane of glass ensures there is no simultaneous contact to both hot and cold air that causes condensation.

6. Reduces Noise
Double paned glass is also a great insulator for noise reduction! It’s proven that noise is reduced by about 60%. Imagine a quieter space for your home office or when you go to sleep at night. Magical!

7. Enhances Resale Value
While Aluminum double paned sliding doors are certainly a modern spin on the aesthetics of your home, the value it brings speaks for itself with all of the time and money you save! These doors enhance your home and ensure longevity to something you use daily.
Choosing aluminum double paned sliding doors from the experts at California Sliding Door is a no brainer for your home. Whether it’s updating or replacing doors in your home, it’s a great investment for your peace of mind and your home’s efficiency and security.



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