Outdoor Space Makeover

Spring is all about fresh, new beginnings. What better way to get a fresh start than by sprucing up your outdoor space? Now is the time to spend your days outside in the sunshine, watching the birds and the butterflies, but first: here are some tips to make your outdoor space comfortable and curated.

Assessing your space

When assessing your outdoor space, pay attention to the details. Take a look around and evaluate what you’re hoping to change. You don’t need to break the bank, but decide on a budget. How much are you willing to spend? What kind of projects can be done at home to save money and what kinds will require outdoor help or materials? Making a thorough account of your surroundings and your goals will help to set you up for success. 

Design with Style

Don’t be afraid to pick a theme for your new oasis. Do you want a beachy getaway? A cottage core picnic area? A japanese-inspired zen garden? Take some time to look at inspiration pictures and really understand what you are looking for. What are you hoping to see when you gaze out the sliding glass door? Keep cohesion throughout your space to enhance the environment and make a statement. A chosen theme and color scheme can enhance your outdoor space. 

Selecting plants

Select plants for your outdoor space by first educating yourself about where you live. What plants are native and adapted to your area? What plants can you use that are drought-resistant and low maintenance? If you’re looking to start a garden, research what kind of soil you will need, as well as what kind of produce you can grow in your location. Work with your environment instead of against it, and allow mother nature to help your yard thrive. 


Consider utilizing ambient lighting for night activities in your outdoor space. Create a cozy, warm glow by hanging string lights or lanterns. When illuminating the space, you don’t want to blind your guests, but it’s important that your space is well-lit enough to secure your property and make you feel at ease. 


An outdoor space will truly come together when you add the proper seating for your needs. Are you looking to host parties on your patio? Would you prefer to lounge on the hammock and read a fantasy novel? Do your best to select durable, comfortable seating that will hold up to the elements of the weather, so that you can enjoy your homemade outdoor oasis for years to come. 



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