A Simple Spring Cleaning Guide

The air is warming up again as the seasons prepare to change. Spring is the perfect time to throw open a window and tackle those deep-cleaning chores you have been putting off through the holidays. Follow some of these helpful tips to refresh your home with a bit of care and elbow-grease. 


Before you begin deep cleaning, take some time to go through your belongings and reduce clutter. Start with what’s easy: throw out trash, old food from the refrigerator, expired beauty products, and so on. Make sure surfaces around your home are clean and organized. Go through your closet and donate the clothes you no longer wear. Tackle that unsorted junk draw. By eliminating clutter in your home, you are clearing the space you need to get to those harder-to-reach areas. 

Make a Plan

It might not be feasible to clean your entire home, sparkling and spotless, in a single day. Make a plan for you and your family to help the process along. Make a checklist for yourself that includes every task you hope to accomplish. If you have a partner, discuss which roles each of you will play and what days you will be able to get things done. Plan to clean your home from top to bottom – literally – by starting at the ceiling and working your way down to the floors. Teamwork can make all the difference when it comes to housework! 

Dust and Surface Clean

Once you have decluttered, evaluated, and collected the cleaning supplies you will need, it’s time to clean the surfaces of your home. Begin by dusting the highest areas of your home. This means ceiling fans, top of cabinets, door frames, oven hood, top of the fridge, decor, and whatever else in your home lies above eye-level. Working top down will prevent falling dust from dirtying an already-cleaned surface. Continue the process of dusting, working your way down. Repeat this with a towel and surface cleaner on counters, tables, cabinets, and other flat surfaces. Make sure to be thorough – remove items off flat surfaces before wiping down. Disinfect areas like the bathroom and kitchen, and make sure to clean appliances and baseboards as well! (and don’t forget the toilet!)


This isn’t an ordinary laundry day. Now is the time to wash everything! Gather up your normal loads of clothes, towels and bedding; For the deeper clean, take the cover off your couch, wash your window covers, the dog bed, and anything else you don’t clean on a regular basis. 

Windows, Mirrors, and Doors

The first thing you see of someone’s home is the front door. Don’t neglect the portals of your home! Wipe down and disinfect door handles and clean the dirt off door frames. Make sure to clean your windows and mirrors as well. Nothing says pristine like a shiny, spotless, sliding glass door. 


Once you’re done spreading dust around, the last step of the spring cleaning checklist is the floors. Use a vacuum first for all the areas of your home, and if you have hardwood you can mop as well. Spot clean your rugs as needed. 

Great job! Once you have completed your checklist, spring cleaning is done! Pat yourself on the back. You’ve worked hard and you deserve a rest. Light a nice smelling candle, put on some music, and relax! 



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