Crafting Your Perfect Home Fitness Space

Invest in a home fitness space and get a little spring in your step! Whether you prefer to focus on weights or kick it into gear with cardio, a home gym allows for privacy, convenience, and peace of mind that is unparalleled by public spaces. Here are a few tips for starting your home gym.

Assess your home for the right space

Image of woman sitting on a yoga mat meditating.

You may already have a room in mind, but if not, take a look around. Decide what matters most to you when it comes to a workout environment. Do you want space to position your treadmill with a view out the sliding glass doors, or a large area to stretch and do calisthenics? Make sure to pick a space with enough room for all your equipment as well as walking space. A treadmill should have open space behind in case of a fall, and you’ll need a 6-8 square foot space for comfortable weight lifting. Take your personal workout desires into account when picking your home fitness space.

Essential Equipment & Storage

Identify the must-have equipment based on your personal workout routine. Your gym doesnt need to have all the newest workout fads- only things you will really use. Save space and money by collecting only the essentials. If you hate running, there is no need for a treadmill. If you prefer to practice yoga, you will most likely need a mat, blocks, and plenty of space. Evaluate your favorite ways to work out and personalize your space to fit your needs. Once you’ve done this, make sure to optimize your space by investing in the proper organizational systems.

Taking to Tech

Picture of a woman selecting an online workout class on her laptop.

Consider turning to tech for your home fitness space to enhance your experience. Many companies, like Bala and Tonal, are rethinking workout gear for a more sleek and aesthetically-pleasing look. Gone are the days of limited options and clunky home gym-spaces. Try signing up for a workout subscription app like Peloton(which can work in tandem with a Peloton machine) or Alo Moves.


Having a home fitness space also means dealing with the sweat and smells that come with working hard; Don’t neglect proper cleaning and sanitation! Good hygiene practices are vital in taking care of your equipment and your health. Keep a spray sanitizer and some towels handy for a quick wipe down after each workout, and make sure to deep clean regularly. 

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