DIY At-Home Valentine’s Ideas

Now that February has begun, Valentine’s day is just around the corner. Stores are bursting with stuffed animals and heart-shaped gifts, and husbands everywhere are making last minute reservations. While most of us associate this holiday with flowers, chocolate, and candlelit dinners, Valentine’s Day is not just for couples! Valentine’s gives us an opportunity to show love to all those we care about. Try some of these activities to enjoy Valentine’s Day fun with the whole family!

Valentine's Day Baskets

Pink, rose, and red flowers in a basket.

Surprise a neighbor or friend with a custom holiday gift basket. Start by grabbing a basket from the craft store; keep in mind that you will be filling it with treats, so you may want to select a smaller size. Try looking at your local dollar store for supplies to avoid breaking the bank. Collect your favorite candies, treats, or small gifts to put inside. This is the fun part, so get creative! Don’t forget to grab a little something for yourself, you deserve it! Include the kids by having them each draw a picture or write a handwritten note. Finish the basket off with a big red bow, and deliver with a smile!

Movie Night

Who needs a theater? Select a Valentine’s movie the whole family would enjoy and turn your living room into a private cinema! Try hanging red drapes, or placing roses around the TV. If you have a projector, now is the time to break it out! Prepare popcorn and chocolate covered strawberries as a snack to complete the experience. Don’t forget to silence your cell phone! 

Tip: Try dressing up for the night. Roll out a red carpet and snap flash “paparazzi” photos of each family member before the movie starts for your own private Hollywood screening. 


Cookie Decorating Party

Host a cookie decorating party and invite all your friends. Who can resist dessert? Bake (or buy!) plain sugar cookies and some colorful icing to put your art skills to the test! Use cookie shapes such as hearts, flowers, cupid’s arrow, love notes, and more. The possibilities are endless! Get creative with some delicious creations as you spend quality time with friends and family. Yum! 

Tip: Try sharing your cookies on social media and letting friends vote on a winner in the comments! 

Valentine's Sun Catchers

Grab some glass beads and fishing line to get crafty this Valentines with an easy beaded sun catcher DIY. String glass beads in shades of pink and red on some fishing line. Try alternating colors to make fun patterns. Tie a knot between each bead to space them out more. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, hang each strand individually, or tie to a stick in rows to hang as a group. Finish by hanging them up in your window or sliding glass doors to watch the colors ignite when the sunshine hits. Share the magic with others by making sun catchers to give out as valentines as well!  

Acts of Kindness Jar

Jar with multi-colored notes.

Showing love doesn’t always mean you need to spend money. Show your love to one another this Valentines by creating an Acts of Kindness Jar. All you will need is a jar, some paper, and a pen. You can cut or tear your paper into strips, then take turns writing different Acts of Kindness and placing them in the jar. Shake it all up and have each family member draw their task from the jar. Now show your love however your paper says! This could be fun to continue for the entire week, or even month. Who knows, maybe you will learn something about one another!

Tip: Try sharing your cookies on social media and letting friends vote on a winner in the comments! 



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