With the kids out of school and spending more time at home, it’s a great time for creating memories. Part of creating those wonderful memories you’ll reflect on years later is making sure that a home is a secure place. We have a few tips to help mitigate issues and keep your family and loved ones safe this summer season.

MONITORING SYSTEMS: Did you know there is an average of 11% increase in home-based crimes during the summer compared to other seasons. With plenty of people on the go with vacations and festivities, it’s a season that can be apt for home burglaries. While we never hope to really need them, investing in cameras, motion detectors, and alarm systems are great investments that will serve as great prevention to home burglaries as well as serve as your first line of defense should a thief precede anyway. On the mention of burglary prevention, one thing you can do that requires no money and no effort: DO NOT POST online about your vacation or any extended trips away from your home until AFTER you have returned. Thieves often monitor potential targets’ social media accounts for opportunities to strike.

FIRE SAFETY: Enjoying a freshly grilled dinner and a bonfire after the sun goes down go hand in hand with an idyllic summer evening. However, if not careful, these potential opportunities for beautiful memories can become disastrous. Whatever the flame source, make sure that it’s constantly being monitored. Fires that aren’t constantly monitored can easily be let loose and cause burns, property damage, and destruction. Additionally, make sure the flame has a considerable distance from property (recommended at least 10 feet) and people (recommended at least 3 feet for bonfires). Keep an eye on children and pets when around fires as well, and make sure they don’t trip and fall into the flame or launch something into it that accidentally stokes it. A great preventative measure is to always make sure water or a fire extinguisher nearby, as well as a first-aid kit, to treat any potential burns or other injuries.

POOLS: In southern California, while we are grateful to have to enjoy a Mediterranean climate for most of the year, we know the summer months can get really hot–TRIPLE DIGITS HOT. When it gets hot, spending time in the pool sounds like such a treat. However, things can be tragic if not careful. According to the CDC fatal drowning is the second-leading cause of unintentional injury death for children 14 and under.


Some tips to prevent water incidents or drowning:

  • Make sure all in the pool either know how to swim and have non-swimmers wear either life jackets or water wings.
  • Make sure someone is always supervising the pool, looking out for potential hazards both within and outside of the pool.
  • Keep a cover over your pool when it’s not being used.
  • Acquire CPR training and have a first aid kit on hand in the event of a potential emergency.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol near pools or open water. 80% of drowning accidents occur with men, who were often engaging in either risky behavior or engaging in alcohol consumption.



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