A SoCal Home Garden: June – July Edition

The prime days of summer are great for many things, but for gardening, things are a bit more limited. Fortunately, there ARE still some great crops you can grow at this time. We’ve harvested together a few ideas you should consider if you’re going to start growing some food in your garden right now. And yes, they are plenty tasty.

BEANS: “Beans, beans the musical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot.” Don’t let this side effect get in the way of your enjoyment, especially because beans have incredible health benefits that you might be missing out on. Studies have shown that people who eat beans have better heart health, lower cholesterol, and reduced chances of cancer. Studies also show that beans may help stabilize blood glucose levels for diabetics This is because beans are high in fiber, which can help lower blood glucose. Try it in a soup, pasta, or a bean bowl. There are so many varieties of beans, you’re bound to discover one you like.

CORN:  If there’s a crop that can instantly conjure up the image of farm living, it’s probably corn. Maybe, wheat. But, yeah, probably corn. Anyway, corn is a great staple vegetable to have on hand. It’s a versatile crop that you’ll be able to enjoy in a variety of ways: elote, cornbread, creamed corn, salad, salsa, fritters, chowder, and succotash just to name a few items. With corn, your only limit is your imagination. It’s a food item you are sure to always find a use for.

SUMMER SQUASH: Movie nights are a great summertime activity, and what’s even better is pairing a great movie with a great meal. Might we recommend enjoying Ratatouille with a plate of ratatouille? Yes, it’s a dish. No, it’s not the main character’s name (that’s Remy, by the way). Squash is an important ingredient in a ratatouille dish. But if you’re not feeling that, there are plenty of other recipes that are worth giving a try

If you are interested in growing these plants, click out these links to learn how to grow: beans, corn, and summer squash.



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