DIY Done Right

Pinterest, YouTube, and just about every HGTV show has enlightened us all on how to make quick and budget-friendly changes around the home, but usually shows these projects being incredibly easy and done in a short period of time. We understand just how unrealistic this can seem when you’re dealing with major home renovations or concerned about the quality of the outcome when you aren’t hiring a professional to do the job. These are realistic concerns for anyone interested in cutting out the middleman and just getting the renovation done on your own. That’s why we’ve found a few ways for you to get hands-on, without worrying about having to hire a professional to come in once the job is done:

  • Installing window cornices. Better Homes & Gardens will show you hundreds of photos of well-shaped internal home architecture and these ledges mounted to hide curtain or blind rods will automatically elevate the look and feel of your master bedroom or living room. Purchase supplies to build your own or find pre-made cornices to easily install along any wall!

  • Remove and replace existing wallpaper or put a fresh coat of paint on the wall. Both wallpaper and paint can deteriorate, be lightened by the sun, or accumulate dust or other allergens. Use a simple video or online article to learn how to properly prep your walls, remove wallpaper without damaging the structure of the wall, or place a new coat or style of wallpaper on existing pieces without losing out on a clean application.

  • Choose one neutral tone for trim paint in every room. Instead of buying multiple buckets of different paint for each room, one method that results in a financially efficient home improvement expense is repainting your trim. Not only will it pull all of your rooms together, despite if main paint colors between rooms, but it will allow you to repaint without the overhead cost in time and money. 

  • Repair bathroom appliances. Over time, hard water build up on sink faucets and shower heads can effect the flow and pressure of your appliances. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways to remove this buildup without buying a new showerhead at Lowe’s. Find eco-friendly ways to remove hard water and mineral buildup online to make a quick and easy repair to an often-overlooked item. Also, consider the wear and tear of any ventilation in your bathroom, especially when considering bathroom fans, the quality of these items effects your ability to avoid black mold and mildew buildup due to humidity from the shower. With just a few simple steps, your bathroom appliances will be more helpful than annoying. 

  • Upgrade your garden by planting trees to shade your home. Some gardening experts recommend deciduous trees due to their height and density, however, any sort of added shade through a natural source will reduce your electricity bill during the summer when the California heat waves kick in.

  • Install an under-the-sink water filter. If you’re worried about LA County’s water quality, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait after refilling the Brita or buy your family water bottles just to ensure you’re drinking safe and clean water anymore. Cut out the cost of extra filters and plastic water bottles by personally installing an under-the-sink filter to cut costs on multiple fronts. 

Just because you’re doing the project yourself doesn’t mean you have to be a certified contractor to get the job done right. Fortunately, doing it yourself allows you great flexibility in your home’s renovation process and, let’s face it, no one knows what you’re looking for better than you do. So try out some of these quick and simple ways to help save some money around the house and feel more comfortable in your home. 



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