Easy Ways to Save Money on Home Repairs

Home renovations can be just as intimidating as they are exciting. Budgeting and curating mood boards are realistically the simplest portion of the process. However, when things start to change in your home and you have to deal with contractors and an interrupted home life flow is usually where the headaches begin and what makes renovations seem so daunting. That’s why we’ve taken the time to figure out how to make the process smoother, and more cost effective:

  • Whether you fell in love with your home from the start or with the memories you’ve made in it, those four walls have seen a lot. The worst part is, most of that damage won’t be noticeable until it’s a cracked tile, wall, or unsightly shade of paint that no longer looks like the house you found. Finding cheap supplies or labor to help in your renovation process can seem incredibly attractive, but we promise, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Sometimes the quality craftsmanship and supplies needed come at a higher price.
  • While it might’ve sounded like we aren’t fans of a good deal, that’s definitely not the case. You should be using every resource you have to compare prices of items and receive more than one quote for your project before you get into the swing of things. Fortunately, with the internet at our finger-tips, price comparing can also show you the general range of cost you should be expecting to see and better deals or sales on certain options. Check out sites like HomeAdvisor and Angi for reputable contractors in your area, or just do a quick Google search and call local companies to compare prices.
  • No question is silly when your home’s plumbing is getting gutted or your floors are being ripped out. You should be able to fully communicate with your contractors about the timeline of the project, their full quote cost, how they will clean up after the fact, and if they’re insured. It’s always better to ask too many questions before you’re cleaning up a muddy and trash-filled home after the contractors finally leave. 
  • Similar to price comparing your supplies and potential contractors, if you’re planning on redecorating you’ll want a game plan as well. Let’s be real, it’s incredibly easy to find just about anything on the internet, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth the deal if it will break easily. Setting up your expectations for quality and budget-friendly items to fill your space is crucial, so whip out Pinterest and make your plan!
  • Find your design for the area you’re working with before you get started. When you’re trying to bring a drab entrance space to life, pastels or more muted tones might be best to contrast the light from an open door. Regardless of the choice, having a set plan for the “feeling” or theme of your room can help make it feel inviting and comfortable. And if you’re lacking inspiration and trying to find a way to redecorate on a budget, take a trip to your local thrift store! Walk around and see if anything catches your eye that you can build a theme for your redesign around.
  • Be consistent and clear about your vision for the project and how your contractor or their workers can help you meet that best. Sure, not everything in the world design-wise may be realistic for your space, but it’s worth asking. Since it’s your home, you run the project from start to finish. Be an active team member to make sure corners aren’t cut or new supplies are okay-ed prior to you receiving the bill after the fact. 
  • Especially right now, the costs of certain materials that you may not expect to need during your renovation process can be high. And after prepping your budget, price comparing, and making every last list item checked off no one wants to hear the project will be over budget. No one wants a half-done kitchen or to sacrifice a family vacation because of a new tile backsplash. So keep in mind that even perfect plans can be led astray, do your research on what materials you’ll need and how much they’ll cost you, and prepare a cushion for your budget of about 20-30% of what the expected cost will be to avoid potential hangups. 

While these are some of our best ideas to reduce the migraine that is renovating, all of the preparation and communication you have will make the process smoother and actually enjoyable! So make your home a little more cozy and welcoming for you and yours this fall, and don’t worry about sacrificing your next summer trip! 



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