Organizing for Peace of Mind

HGTV, Magnolia Network, and so many others have inspired life changing home renovation and organization tips for the veteran and unexperienced home renovators. If your home is beginning to function as storage or filled with an overwhelming number of sentimental items from your past, it may be time to take a new approach to keeping things tidy. It’s never easy to get rid of any items in your home, so we found a few ways to hold onto your essentials and get rid of the unnecessary.

  • Plan it out. Starting a full house organization project is overwhelming! Setting a realistic plan to tackle one room at a time, an area of the house to begin with, and even days and times to set aside for it can help reduce that stress before you get started.
  • Donate your goods. Finding a local Goodwill or nonprofit to donate your items can help make someone’s day and support a cause you believe in. While you loved your items, someone else probably will too!
  • Keep going, even when it’s uncomfortable to. Unless you’re one of the few, getting rid of items you’ve held onto for a good amount of time can be hard. Going through your home and really thinking about whether you’re happy with what you own is really draining. Even when you have long days of work or with the kids, stick to your schedule. Your mind will thank you later.
  • Be consistent. If you finally accomplish your project or purchase new home goods and personal items while organizing your space, try to really evaluate whether you need them, or they make you genuinely happy. Cleaning and organizing your space is essential, but it’s a practice rather than a one-time fix.

It’s easy to get rid of the graphic tees from your early twenties or those VHS tapes that somehow ended up in your living room. Let’s face it, no one has a VHS player anymore. Sentimental and personal items can be much harder to decide whether they’re providing the same happiness or use they once did. So tackle the living room, guest room, or your entire home and make it a happier and calmer place for you and your family.



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