National Home Improvement Month Deals

I don’t know about you, but we here at California Sliding Door love saving money. And May is a great time to capitalize on some great money saving offerings when it comes to your home, because May is National Home Improvement Month. This celebratory month brings deals and freebies for consumers and home improvement enthusiasts alike. The recognition of the month was a federal order to encourage local contractors and consumer relationships and assist homeowners to receive education and assistance in finishing their projects. From the National Association of Home Builders to Habitats for Humanity, here are some of the best finds for you during May.

  • A man in a rolled up button down and jeans holding a yellow hard hat using a pen to make changes on a blueprint with several rolled up blueprints on his left.The National Association of Home Builders released a free toolkit to help local consumers find professional contractors in their area, design inspiration and more. Their fact sheets cover relevant consumer educational materials and are free to access at any point. But be sure to grab it before it’s gone! The NAHB is also be hosting freeShop Talks” every Thursday in May for remodelers to gather and discuss trending industry topics
  • Ace Hardware store has a great amount of coupons for the month alone, whether directly connected to the Month’s association, peruse the online options and get up to 20% off or free items with the purchase of another. From lawn decorations to gardening tools, the quality options are available for a wallet-friendly price.
  • Habitat for Humanity’s hardware store, Habitat Home Center is celebrating the month with discounts on specific home building items from 50-70% off certain items in the store. While sales may be limited depending on location, it’s a way to give back to a nonprofit while also finding cost-effective supplies to help finish improving your home.
  • Abroad and at home, may HGTV shows and home improvement channels have taken on a similar campaigns to previous years, encouraging homeowners to make one change to their home during the month. Giving hundreds of DIY ideas or small contractor ideas, the inspiration is limitless. From wallpapering a bathroom to updating cabinets, the small and easy renovation inspiration will have you in the mood to change things up!
  • Just ask. Some homeowners and renovators are giving out inside information to other homeowners about potential deals they may not be aware of. It’s smart to shop around for supplies prior to beginning a home project but asking sales associates about current deals on equipment that might not be tagged on the items themselves.

National Home Improvement Month may not be the most popular or well known awareness month, but it provides so many cost-saving opportunities for those who didn’t know about it previously. Whether you’re planning on hitting up your local hardware store, a Habitats for Humanity store, or just looking for a deal at a larger retailer, chances are, this is the best time for you to buy.



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