Dreaming of a Full Night’s Rest?

Spring brings on a wave of cleaning and of revival for your home. There’s never been a better time to prioritize your comfortability and sleep than now, and you’d be surprised how much it can affect you if you aren’t already. 33% of American adults currently sleep less than seven hours per night, which can impact your physical and mental health. And if you didn’t realize it, your home and bedroom can have a huge impact on this. Here are just a few ways to prioritize those Zzz’s in your interior design strategy:

  • Pick your swatch. Changing the paint color in your bedroom can have a big impact on your sleep quality.  A bedroom with long windows to the left of a wooden bed with grey linens on it. The door to the room is to the right of the bed and is whiteChoosing darker neutral tone or a warmer hue like a taupe or light grey could be the perfect fit to allow your night routine to be that much more relaxing.
  • Reduce clutter. It’s Spring cleaning season, so you’ve probably got this one handled already, but in case you don’t, we suggest getting started. The more clutter in your space, the more stressed you’ll be in the long term. Especially if that clutter reminds you of unfinished tasks or other pressing issues. So try to reduce the amount of space things take up and remove the unnecessary items from your home, or at least the bedroom.

A female presenting individual is speaking into a phone, on speaker, in their right hand, their legs are in blue jeans crossed over one another. They are wearing a pink shirt.

  • Shut off the tech early. This is true for all relevant lights in your home, but making sure that you’re away from a tablet, cell phone, or computer prior to falling asleep will save you in the long term. Not only can this contribute to straining your eyes late at night, but will inevitably throw off your natural sleeping rhythm. Make shutting off electronics and unwinding with fewer lights on part of your routine to see the difference it can have.
  • Switch it up with scents. Not everyone needs to run to your local Whole Foods to buy essential oils or spend hours shopping online. However, scent can make a difference in how we feel and, most importantly, in how we relax and unwind. If you’ve spent time at a Home Goods just smelling the candle selection they have out, it’s as good enough of an example that the right scent in your home and your bedroom can make the night as peaceful as possible. So next time you’re “just looking” at Target or Home Goods, pick a candle, pillow spray, or the incense that makes you feel calmest and try it!
  • How old is your mattress, really? A young Black female presenting individual lays down with eyes closed and a smile on her face on a white bed with white comforter and linens.If you’ve been asking yourself this question for the last few years, or even reconsidered its age with this question, it may be time to buy a new one. Having the right environment to sleep in is important, but not worth all of the effort if the thing that you’re sleeping on isn’t working for you any longer. Do your research, whether there’s a local store or one online, shop carefully to find a reputable company that can promise the height and firmness you’re looking for! It could be that those lost Z’s are due to poor spine alignment during sleep.

It’s can be easy to change things around in your home, find new style ideas, and create your perfect home, but it can come along with sacrificing your own needs in the process. Creating a peaceful room to unwind in, recharge, and get started for your next day should be a necessary task for every homeowner. Give some of these ideas a try and see the difference it can make for you! Interested in making the entire home just as serene? Check out our blog on Easing into Comfort.



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