Is It Time to Update Your Sliding Glass Door?

If you already moved into a home with a sliding glass door consider yourself lucky! For many homeowners, it’s a necessity to install one if it’s not already present, allowing natural light and air in from the outdoors and opening up space in your home. But is it time for an update? Given the options every individual has to remodel, find a new window treatment, or find a new style, here are some of our best tips to help you get started:

  • Window coverings. Depending on whether you have wood, vinyl or any other type of flooring, constant sun in the room or on your floor can age it in a short period of time. Consider shopping at your nearby Target or HomeGoods for drapes, custom shutters, or vertical shutters to regulate the temperature in your home and add a pop of design to your room.
  • Close up of a wood sliding door on a metal track Find a modern window treatment. Not just limited to foldable or rolled up drapes for your sliding glass doors, window treatments give you a wide variety of styles and can change the mood of a room immediately. Using lighter vinyl colors to install to seal your windows, which could save you buckets of money come winter or summer to regulate the temperature in your home, and open up a room of any size. Just remember that functionality is your friend and the options are endless! Look through your local Home Depot, Lowes, or other hardware stores to get a quote and look around and gain a sense of what you’d like to install.


  • Improve your home security. For an easy installation and ways you can get started at home, this is likely the easiest idea to tackle. Blocking the tracks on the floor before getting ready to sleep every night is an easy way to double-check the security of your doors. This can be easily achieved through cutting a block of wood, or finding a track lock at a nearby store or on Amazon! Updating your deadbolts, especially if they’ve been used for extended periods of time and may be worn down, can make a huge difference in safety and security as well at a low cost – but this is one task where we would recommend calling a contractor instead of trying to DIY it. Finally, reinforcing the glass through a larger project by fully updating the door or adding a security film gives you an extra layer of privacy.
  • Close up of a vinyl sliding door on a white trackAdd a screen. For added airflow and protection from bugs getting into your home, looking into installing screen doors (or fixing yours if they’re ripped and have holes as so many of them do) as an added barrier from your patio and backyard can be the solution. If you’re looking to reduce your energy bill in the summer, this is a major perk for any homeowner. Not only is it low cost, in comparison to other sliding door renovations, but adds to the functionality of the sliding doors in your home! Shop online, in your local hardware store, or call a local contractor to get a quote today. 

While we’ve been noticing all of the small things around your home that you’ve been looking to update over the last year, one area you may have overlooked can require the most attention. Depending on your own needs, the versatility and function of the doors in and out of your home can be changed to any specification. The options are endless, and your local sliding glass door contractors can help you achieve whatever you’re looking for.



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