Finding Your Style, Before You Get Started

So you’ve got a renovation project in mind, you’ve researched what you need before you get started, but what happens after the room is complete? Sometimes, even though it may not seem true, it can be just as overwhelming, if not more to figure out what something is going to look like post-project completion, than managing contractors and in-home construction. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the aesthetically pleasing Pinterest photos of newly renovated kitchens or additions to houses, but can you find out how your space should look? Luckily, this is where the internet has your back.

  • Spend time perusing the paint selection at your local hardware store or Lowe’s. Paint swatches are never in short supply for any color range or palette selection, and the nice thing is that you can walk out of the store with any amount of them. Try spending a good amount of time in-store picking out colors that suit your taste and bringing them home to tape to a wall or hang to see the way the shade looks with different natural and artificial light throughout the day.
  • Collect inspiration from social media, magazines, or catalogs! Again, the internet will continue to be your best friend to find endless inspiration for different interior design choices. You can find photos on Pinterest, videos on YouTube, and scroll through digital or find print copies of interior design magazines or catalogs. Take note, save, or place a sticky note in your copy to keep an eye on ideas you think will help pull your space together.

  • View open houses. Depending on your comfortability, try looking at newly renovated homes, taking tips or asking questions from those leading the viewing of the space. Depending on the style of the home, it could lead you to find exactly what you’re looking for in, perhaps, a less than typical way.
  • Find an online quiz or resource to help you narrow down what you’re looking for. The options are limitless and can seem overwhelming when you’re pulling 10 different styles of interior design inspiration off of Pinterest on a weekend afternoon. You might recognize what the differing photos have in common and make some easy choices from doing your research, but if you’re anything like me, you probably need some more help. Consider taking an online quiz from a company like Houzz, minimal stress required, just answer a few questions and see what options they provide you to help narrow down your eye for design.

It can be the greatest source of joy in your renovating experience or the portion that takes the longest, but regardless of your eye for design, you aren’t alone when it comes to the stress of trying to make a room perfect. Really spend some time doing as much as you can to dig around the internet or print items to find out what draws your eye into unique spaces like your own. And don’t be afraid to get it wrong or have conflicting style ideas either, have fun with it!



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