Easing into Comfort

It’s common knowledge by now that the home improvement boom of 2020 is not over yet. Whether you’re carrying inspiration and remodeling ideas into the new year or finally breaking out of that “fix-everything-and-bake sourdough” phase, you’re probably want to make your 2021 as comfortable as possible. In case you need a bit of inspiration, here are some of our favorite ideas. 

Use cozy fabrics as accent pieces or as furniture upholstery. Not everyone needs to shop at a second-hand shop or thrift store to find or create unique pieces and not break the bank. Get chairs reupholstered with your favorite fabric, like crushed velvet from a local Joann’s or Michael’s. Put a new plush (or new to you) throw rug in the middle of a room for comfort and color. Repurpose old blankets and turn them into pillowcases for couch pillows or just drape them over the arm of a couch for extra coziness. These small changes will change the feel of a room without a make or break commitment.

Balance complementary furniture and wall colors. Use the psychology of colors to find complementary paint colors for an accent wall, or adding some new decorations. None of us are interior designers and you don’t need to be either. Trust your gut and take some time to shop online at Lowe’s or visit your local hardware store to find palettes that are pleasing to you, whether they’re neutrals or bright, whatever makes you feel welcome and comfortable will stand out.

Make your bedroom a personal sanctuary. By now, everyone and their parents own a weighted blanket of some sort and it’s not without reason! If the idea of a weighted blanket hasn’t sold you yet, try shopping at Target or a local Home Goods to find a cozy blanket that can lay on top of your comforter. While you’re there, grab some candles or essential oils to have an immersive and calming experience when working in your room, winding down after a long day, or just taking some time for yourself.

Create soft lighting. We’ve already advocated for incorporating candles in the bedroom but they’re never limited to just one space. If candles work for you, placing them in other living spaces, on dining tables, or anywhere else you see fit can allow you to dim the lights, let natural light come in, and have a calming ambiance wherever you are. Additionally, consider heading back to your local Lowe’s, Home Depot, or hardware store to find dimmer light fixtures or a light dimmer to soften light by the end of the day and relax.

Let’s face it, if you’re stressed in your home and you have the time to change it, there has never been a better time to prioritize you. The conversation about home renovation projects is constantly focused on making money, getting the most out of your budget to renovate, and largely focused on what other people like. It’s time that we invest in our spaces because we live in them every day.



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