Innovative Home Design Shows Sparking Lifestyle Trends

As streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBOMax, and more become more popular and offer more titles on their services, many people are picking up on new home and lifestyle trends from these shows: Marie Kondo, the Home Edit, Design on a Dime, and more.  Here are some of our, and many others, favorite sources of inspiration across the world of home renovation.

Considering the financial benefit to renting out your space? Look no further, Stay Here is a show for home and property owners looking to find a sustainable salary out of renting. If you’ve heard of Airbnb, these property owners are competing on an open market to make their homes, properties or rooms unique enough to grab the attention of vacation goers from around the world.

If you’re looking for something with a competitive edge and flawless design, search for The Great Interior Design Challenge! Similar to the Great British Baking show, amateur interior designers are put to the test under time constraints and unique challenges. Giving unique spins to ordinary spaces, it’s the perfect watch if you’re looking for new and exciting challenges, takes on use of space, or a new show to binge.

Expanding the design of your garden or outdoor space? Big Dreams Small Spaces is one for the amateur gardeners and those dreaming of boxed planters. Not only chock full of unique plant choices but architectural design perfect for anyone spending more time outside. Sometimes all we need is a refreshing day in the shade and the inspiration from Big Dreams Small Spaces can make that day outside even more serene.

If you’re interested in using what space you do have for maximum purpose, or are still on the tiny house bandwagon, Tiny House Nation has received a cult following in the last few years. Showcasing living spaces of 500 sq. feet or less, viewers are taken into the world of tiny homes and with that, the versatility and ease that comes with living in smaller spaces. While we won’t move into a new tiny home in the near, or distant, future, there’s no one we truly cannot learn from in utilizing space in the smartest ways possible 

Tidying up with Marie Kondo and Home Edit have inspired many to reevaluate the use of their already owned items and try a more sustainable, minimalist, and organized approach to home-life. Everyone and their neighbor has watched some show similar to these and not without reason! Whether you’re looking to move forward collecting less and thinking more about your purchases or just cleaning up what you already have, start here.

While there are so many more available shows to stream, watched by viewers worldwide, gaining inspiration to take on projects yourself or decorate after seeing these unique spaces can make all of the difference. Obviously, the process is much different time and budget-wise per person and project but don’t let a 30-minute episode make you unexcited about the timeline your renovations may take! Don’t be afraid to try and find project-friendly inspo with your favorite Netflix personalities.



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