Renovating for the New Homeowner

So you’ve bought a home, congratulations! Whether it’s your first, your last, or your forever home, buying a home is a huge accomplishment. But even when you find a great place, you might find yourself wanting to make some changes. For those just getting a grip on their first renovating experience, it can be intimidating. To make it as easy as possible, we have some thoughts to keep in mind as you begin to make your house a home. 

1. Don’t assume everything will go as expected. Depending on who you ask, budgeting for your first big renovation can feel like a shot in the dark. A lot of people will tell you to assume the cost will likely run upwards of 20% more than you intend to spend. Between overtime, changes made during the process, or human error, it’s best to save more in case the cost increases.

2. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. You might be on the hunt for the best contractor within your budget, and find the right one with perfect reviews, but the quality far above its price point. While we offer low rates, run from anyone whose estimate seems just a little too low. In the same way that you wouldn’t buy a drill for $5, don’t trust too a deal that sounds too good to be true. Trust us, you don’t want to end up searching all over again for a new contractor to fix problems from a previous one.

3. Find a contractor that works for you, not for their own gain. You wouldn’t want to trust someone in your home or with your money that you didn’t trust or see eye to eye with. The vision of what you’d like done should be the first priority! If you have references or ideas already, shop around! You have the right to ask for references, see work they’ve done, and receive input from numerous contractors you’re considering before pulling the trigger and hiring someone. Don’t be afraid to take your time for something you love!

4. Spoiler alert: your renovation process will not feel like an HGTV reality show. There’s lots of inspiration found online and on television, but they can cut out the long timeline and bumps in the road while renovating. And you can’t remodel a home in a week. In the same way it’s hard to rush the research process and find the best contractor, you’ll save time, money, and so many headaches if you trust the process. 

 5. Game plans aren’t just for football anymore. It’s so important to plan ahead when you’re working on creating the house of your dreams. To make sure you get what you want out of your renovation project, be sure to have a plan, do research, and have a plan B in place in case things don’t go exactly as you dreamed.

Don’t get scared away from the excitement and happiness found in making whatever changes you need to make your house a home! Whatever your plans or inspiration, remember to be realistic in your goals and clear in your communication. And don’t forget to sit back and appreciate these moments while they’re being made.



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