Decking the Halls this Holiday Season

Decking the halls this season might feel a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean our decorations or holiday spirit need to change at all. Whether you’re staying at home with the ones you live with or having a small and safe gathering, we’re incredibly excited to take on the holiday season and hope you are as well. Whether it’s one of your first Christmases at home or one of many, here are some of our favorite tips to take on a festive and warm feeling in your home.

Pick a theme: Whether you’re into darker tones, brighter, or just looking for a warm and comforting look, choose your theme first. This calls for planning and preparation, but any aesthetically pleasing home full of decorations is not completed through random purchases along the way. If your theme is eclectic, that can be your method and plan to purchase! Otherwise, choosing color schemes and unique wreaths to match this theme is ideal.

Go green: While we don’t mean recycling when we say it this time, using indoor wreaths or decorating indoor plants, trees, or sprucing up reusable wreaths can make the home feel warmer and more like the holidays.

Reuse previously purchased items: Pulling out old wreaths that you can spruce up, repainting old holiday picture frames, and repurposing items you’ve used in previous years saves money and reduces waste! Consider how you can use your own holiday-themed items you already own to make them work for your chosen aesthetic or theme.

Make it bright: Not everyone likes the look of Christmas lights in the home, especially when considering the extra energy bill costs. This doesn’t mean you have to lose out on the ambiance of softer lighting than from your regular light fixtures. Consider purchasing or pulling out candles and arranging and lighting them for dinners, evenings in the living room, or anytime to get that cozy holiday comfort.

Get creative: Some choose to take on do-it-yourself projects that result in amazing art like these holiday wreaths made out of ribbon. If you’re having a problem getting inspiration, the internet is your friend! There are numerous ideas floating around the internet on apps like Instagram, YouTube, and home design websites to help direct you. Don’t be afraid to get sparkly or intimidated by hot glue, some projects vary in time, effort, and materials but in no way changes the beautiful outcome of creating decor yourself.

Search for inspiration: The Kardashians may be the only family that prepares for Christmas halfway through the year and can afford to go all out. However, the more research you do is always better. Christmas decorating never should break the bank or become a chore and if you don’t have a million ideas already, you’re in the same boat we are. Take time to look around in stores, your local neighborhood, online, and perusing shows to find inspiration and go from there.

We want to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season! If decking the halls is not your cup of tea, you might not be having enough fun with it yet. Consider these tips we’ve compiled to bring a little Christmas joy to your home.



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