The Benefits of Double Paned Windows

Let’s face it, windows are typically the last thing you think about in your home. They’re there, they let light into your home, and they’re a pain to clean. What else do you need to think about? As a matter of fact, a lot. There are serious benefits to considering updating your windows by repaning, sealing, or purchasing and installing double-paned windows. We’d like to break down exactly what those windows can do for you and whether it’s worth the good old DIY try. 

So why should we care about double paned windows? Double paned windows have two panes of glass with many using insulating gas between them to regulate the temperature in your home. In comparison to homes without these windows, energy use is reduced by 24% in cold climates during the winter, and up to 18% in hot climates during the summer. If you’re not attracted by lower energy bills, consider the blocking of noise pollution as another advantage to installing them. Whether it’s the kids next door playing baseball in the street or cars driving in, fewer leaks from airflow keeps the noise in your neighborhood outside.

What’s the real difference between single and double panes? Much of the variation between single and double-paned windows comes from the insulation. When considering DIYing your window installation or getting it professionally done, properly sealing them is essential and can typically be done better by a professional. Either way, ENERGYSTAR certified double-paned windows can save homeowners $101 – $538 on average annually. These savings come from putting less strain on internal air systems, heating, and cooling from environmental factors. Even though some single-paned windows have an extra “storm window” adding removable glass to the pane that can increase the thickness of a window and increase the insulation slightly, it still doesn’t provide the benefits that true double-paned windows do.

DIY or professional installation – what to do if little Timmy next door practices pitching in the front yard? Depending on the availability of a window installer in your area, DIY fixing or replacing your windows might seem attractive. While the gas in the middle of the two panes of a double-paned window will not cause you any harm, handling broken grass or pulling molding from the frame may damage the window further. Sealing the window properly, using a suction grip to insert new glass and more can leave even more room for danger. While some around-the-house projects truly can be taken on without the help of specialists or contractors, it’s not worth tempting fate or ruining the previous installation and losing the benefits of the window.

Broken or not, our employees can install these double paned glass panels and more to make your home more comfortable and sustainable year round. Whether you want to Timmy-proof the side-yard windows, install a cost saving appliance, save energy or all of the above, let us know how we can help you achieve that goal. On average, most windows need to be replaced within 15-20 years of initial installation, if you’re thinking of getting something new, call us today for your free estimate.



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