How COVID-19 is Shaping Home Design

While in the middle of a global pandemic and people are stuck at home, many people have been reconsidering the functionality of their spaces. Here are some of the ways current homeowners are renovating their spaces to adapt to this unpredictable time: 

Prioritizing spaces for desired activities:

  • Whether napping, reading or working, many are planning for the future of home-based work and life activities. Making designated spaces that function for specific uses can benefit your mental and physical health while spending more time indoors. 

Flexibility and adaptability:

  • This can allow for spaces that functionally serve as an office or comfortable nook for relaxation. However, making sure they can be easily separated or transformed when necessary can make the difference between clutter and functionality.

Bringing the outdoors in:

  • Many home designers are stressing the design of incorporating outdoor details in your home due to the positive benefits people get from spending time outside. Even in urban areas, spaces such as window planters, indoor plants, roof gardens, micro backyards, porches and balconies are serving as a quick getaway for the stuck at home. 

Entryways as transition spaces for sanitizing:

  • The public health crisis will definitely change what socializing and inviting others into your space looks like in the near and distant future. Just like in restaurants, transitional entrances will allow others to sanitize, leave items near the door or check-in before they’re allowed to be in your space. 

Air purification systems:

  • Echoing the need for more sanitization when having guests over or just returning home from the store, sales are on the rise. Being able to comfortably breathe and purify air whether anyone has symptoms or just for general cleanliness will become more common. 

Smart appliances:

  • To reduce contact but also become more energy-efficient, smart home technology and kitchen appliances have become more common. Many home developers are looking to install these prior to selling to continue making cleaner and more efficient homes for buyers

Whether thinking of buying, updating, or looking for a new home, the current health pandemic is largely affecting the future of home development and renovation. Making spaces work best for those staying home post-pandemic or acclimating to the home-based lifestyle has become a priority. By putting function and health first in your projects or when buying, you are putting you and your comfortability first.



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