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Whether you’re a general contractor, property manager, or anywhere in between, partner with us as your sliding door repair and installation experts.

One of our techs kneeling and fixing the roller on a broken sliding door.

You want an expert to get your sliding doors back on track.

Sliding doors are like refrigerators: you need them, you assume they’re going to work, and when they stop working it’s a major inconvenience. You might not have thought about needing to repair or replace sliding doors – but we have! That’s why you want to work with California Sliding Door as the specialty contractor for all your sliding door needs.

Our experts have 30+ years of experience and know how to fix a sliding door instead of just replacing it. Working with us gives you the advantage of our expertise as well as quick, quality-guaranteed service.

When your sliding doors break, we're the ones you call!

You don’t trust a quick oil change shop to fix your car’s transmission. In the same way, you want to work with experts to fix your sliding doors. You may not need a sliding door expert today, but we’re here for you when you do.

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Need an Expert? Call Us

Need an Expert? Call Us