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Why You Should Finally Get That Sliding Door

Regardless of how old or new your home is, if you’re living in this Southern California heat, you should have a sliding door to help bring a cool breeze into your house. ’ve probably thought about the benefits of getting a sliding glass door or updating your preexisting one for the next summer. Somehow it’s still mosquito season, and if you’re like us, you’re probably thinking about getting a new screen sliding door on top of that purchase. It’s nice to enjoy viewing our SoCal weather from your kitchen or dining area (after all, we’re probably the only ones who can still enjoy 80 degree weather in November!), but it can be difficult to justify the cost on just one major item. We’ll admit, we’re definitely a biased source, but here are some of our favorite reasons to install these doors in homes like yours:

  • A small child plays with toys on a wooden table in front of a large sliding glass door, allowing natural light into the room.Natural light: If you’re like the many who get “winter blues” in our summer state, sliding doors are an excellent way to allow a lot of natural light into whatever room is attached. You can use it to justify using less fluorescents in your home during the day, enjoy the summer’s beauty with less of the heat, or just appreciate the scenery on days that are too cold or hot for your liking!
  • Air Circulation: Quarantined homes can get especially stuffy with all of the constant foot traffic and family dinners. Even when you’re running the AC or Heater this fall, on temperate days cracking open your sliding glass door or fully opening it can give your space great air circulation and help regulate the internal temperature of your home! You don’t always need to pay for new fans or find a quote for larger windows, it’s simple and useful without the hassle.
  • Open up your living area: A hallway with wooden floors leads into several rooms partitioned by sliding glass doors. Regular non-glass doors can make a room feel dark, cramped, and even unwelcoming. Expand the look and feel of your dining room, living room, or master bedroom with just one easy to install sliding glass door. Not only will that natural light give you benefits we can’t even count, but it will make your home feel more spacious, bright, and open to guests. 
  • They’re versatile: Sliding doors aren’t just made for ground level rooms to lead out to patio spaces. Some homeowners opt for them to be installed as an entryway to walk in closets, wardrobes, and as spacers between rooms. If you’ve made a home office space over the last year, became an avid DIY-er, or have already started a home renovation project, you know exactly how much space you have and are deliberate about your choices. Bring privacy and transparency, literally, to your home are just one call away!
  • A living room with four chairs around a table with a light hanging above it from the ceiling. Two walls of this room have sliding doors on either side of the table. It’s not the energy bill scare you think it is: Double paned glass doors, as we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, are a great way to make sure your home stays insulated while you’re inside. Some offerings even include argon gas in between panes to further seal your home and make it airtight when the Santa Ana’s pick up or the colder months approach. This is also incredibly useful for homeowners who see their electric bills skyrocket during the summer heatwaves.

Most California homes are accustomed to the sliding glass door look with a barbecue outside and space for the kids to run around, but if you’re thinking of replacing your existing door or adding a new one to your space, the opportunities are limitless! And, yeah, we know we’re the sliding repair men you should trust, but the benefits of installation are too incredible for us not to get excited about. So if you’re thinking about getting a new sliding door, are interested in pocket doors, or want an estimate before you get started. Feel free to reach out to us because everyone deserves a home that makes them happiest.

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